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Located in Pretoria North, Feeds and Feeders is a pet shop that stocks a wide variety of pets and pet accessories, ranging from baby parrots, small birds, pet reptiles, and Freshwater fish.

At our petshop you will find everything you need to care for your pets. Our friendly staff is very willing to provide you with free advice.

Spiders and Pet lizards and pet snakes - Pretoria.

We have all the reptile accessories needed to care for these animals. Feeds and Feeders petshop in Pretoria North also has starter kits for reptiles available and we also have a selection of books available for keeping pet reptiles and snakes.

Birds for sale Pretoria | Parrots for sale Pretoria

We have a wide variety of parrots for sale at our pet shop in Pretoria.

Bird accessories including bird bird cages and bird feed is available.

Special food for parrots is available and we also stock our own special mix for parrots.

Other birds available: conures, budjies, Cockatiel, lovebirds, canaries, finches and doves. 

Our Pet Shop in Pretoria stocks pet fish and accessories:

Feeds and Feeders stock a wide variety of different pet fish species. This includes freshwater pet fish and accessories.

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